Coronavirus Update

As a surgery team we are constantly reviewing our response to this evolving situation and are mindful of ensuring patient and staff safety whilst doing our best to minimise the impact on the usual services we offer our patients.

Here are some ways our patients can help us in responding to the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Our website / be the main source of any information updates and we suggest patients bookmark this page for quick reference.
  • If not already submitted inform us of your mobile number using the change personal details page on our website. This way we can send patient SMS text messages with any changes that may be required to appointments ect.
  • To minimise footfall to the surgery, we are encouraging as many patients as possible to convert any existing booked face to face appointments to telephone appointments with our staff instead (where practical for the clinical condition wanting to be discussed). Our reception team are working hard to contact as many patients as possible in advance of their appointments to discuss this.
  • If you have not already done so, please consider nominating a local pharmacy for electronic prescribing. This will reduce the volume of people entering the surgery premises to collect prescriptions and ensure prescriptions can be collected more easily, potentially closer to the patients home.
  • Our staff are equally at risk and we are actively planning for unexpected sickness absence. We ask our patients to bear with us and be prepared to consult with alternative suitable clinicians at short notice.

We thank all of our patients for their understanding and cooperation in this matter to date.