Dementia Support in Derbyshire During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We know that this is a worrying time for people living with dementia and their families and carers.

The threat of COVID-19 remains real and it feels like life won’t fully return to normal for a while. However, health and social care services remain open and it’s important that people access support and advice if they are worried about something or are struggling.

The following Frequently Asked Questions will direct you to local support services.

1. Where can I get help with a memory problem?

If you have a memory problem, your GP should be contacted in the first instance. Doctors surgeries may be working differently but they are open and are encouraging patients to seek advice if they are worried about their health.

The Derbyshire Dementia Support Services in Derbyshire and Derby City can also support you to seek a diagnosis as well as providing advice and support.

You can find general information about Dementia – what it is, what the symptoms are, why it’s important to seek a diagnosis and more on the NHS website:

2. I’ve already been to my GP and have been referred for a memory assessment, where can I get help while I wait for an appointment?

The Living Well with Dementia Programme is usually offered in person, but during the pandemic local NHS partners have developed an online version that can be accessed by anyone. The course has tips on how to stay well and manage your condition. Visit:

You can also get advice from the Dementia Support service (see question 1 for contact details).

3. I need some support or advice quickly – who can help me?

4. I have a diagnosis of dementia but it seems to be getting worse, who can I contact?

You should contact your GP who can refer you to other services or recommend support options depending on the nature of your needs. Your GP may recommend the Living Well with Dementia Programme operated by the NHS which can be accessed online by visiting:

Your local Dementia Support Service can give information and advice to help you get further support:

If you need support to manage day to day living at home you can contact your local Adult Social Care department

5. I am someone living on my own with dementia, where can I go for help?

  • Contact your GP – many surgeries are operating differently but they are open and are advising people to get in touch if they need medical advice
  • Contact your local Dementia Support Service (see question 4 for contact details)
  • Get in touch with your local Adult Social Care department (see question 4 for
    contact details)

6. How safe are services for people with Dementia during the Pandemic?

Services are safe. They are taking precautions and minimising contact in person where possible. If face to face contact is needed, staff will use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where appropriate to protect against infection.

The Joined up Care Derbyshire website gives information on how health and social care services are currently operating.

7. Should I go to appointments I am sent in the post?

Yes, unless you have symptoms of covid-19 or have been contacted to say you’ve been in contact with someone who has covid-19.

The service who the appointment is with will have implemented safety procedures to minimise risk of infection spreading.

Telephone Help

  • Derbyshire Mental Health helpline (freephone, available 24/7)
    Tel: 0800 028 0077
  • If you don’t have access to the internet, Healthwatch Derbyshire can help you find information about services
    Tel: 01773 880786
  • NHS 111 for health related advice
    Tel: 111


Support for Unpaid / Family Carers Looking After someone with Dementia During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I am a carer of someone living with dementia, where can I get information, advice and support for me?

If you are a carer of someone living with dementia, there are a number of services available to support you in your caring role. Whether the person you look after lives in Derby or Derbyshire determines which carer support services you should access.

The person I care for lives in Derbyshire

  • Derbyshire Carers Advice and Information Service provided by Derbyshire Carers Association can give important advice about support and carry out a Carer’s Assessment of your needs as a carer. They also provide peer support opportunities.
    Tel: 01773 833833
  • Derbyshire Dementia Support Service provided by Alzheimers Society can give important advice and information for carers, as well as peer support groups.
    Tel: 01332 208845
  • Derbyshire County Council provide a range of services and support for carers, including further assessment for carer-specific support and/or a needs assessment for the person living with dementia.
    Tel: 01629 533190
  • The Carers in Derbyshire website has a searchable directory of support services plus information and advice for carers who look after someone living in Derbyshire.

The person I care for lives in Derby City

General information websites (all areas)