Oaklands Vaccination Programme Update

We are delighted to tell you that the Oakland’s Covid Vaccination Team have officially administered more than 18,000 1st vaccinations up to Friday 26th March. This is an amazing achievement and whilst we try to thank people as we go along, we can’t miss this opportunity to reiterate how fabulous you all are – programme leaders and advisers, administrators, vaccinators, marshals and patients have all contributed to this success.

A special note to patients – we know that disruption of services, often at short notice and beyond our control, may have impacted upon you. We would like you to know how much we have appreciated your understanding and kindness during this very challenging time and we thought that you would like to see 1st vaccination statistics for the Swadlincote Primary Care Network (PCN) which could not have been achieved without your support.

Percentage Achieved:

  • Cohort 1 (residential care home patients) – 98.4%
  • Cohort 2a (Age 80+) – 98.5%
  • Cohort 2b (Health & Social Care Workers) – 96.6%
  • Cohort 3 (Aged 75-79) – 98.9%
  • Cohort 4a (Aged 70-74) – 98.4%
  • Cohort 4b (Clinically Extremely Vulnerable) – 96.1%
  • Cohort 5 (Aged 65-69) – 95.9%
  • Cohort 6 (Aged 16-64 with underlying issue) – 91.3%
  • Cohort 7 (Aged 60-64) – 92.8%
  • Cohort 8 (Aged 55-59) – 86.5%
  • Cohort 9 (Aged 50-54) – 73.4%

If you are in one of the above Cohorts, and have not received your first vaccination, please let us know – clinics will be ongoing at Oaklands for 1st vaccinations for Cohorts 1-9. You may also book your appointment via the National Booking Service.

Thank you.
Rose Cotton
Lead Practice Manager
Covid Vaccination Programme Swadlincote PCN