Training Practice

Teaching within the Practice

The practice is an approved training practice for GP registrars – clinicians who have decided to become GPs and are completing their final training before qualification. We have been a training practice for several years with the Derby Vocational Training Scheme. Dr Redferne is the lead trainer but the trainees spend time with all the partners, who undertake training and tutorials. If you are offered an appointment with a registrar and would rather not see him/her please make this known to the receptionist. However, patients can be assured of the quality of care given by our trainees, who are under supervision by our own GPs, and we hope that you will be willing to co-operate in this phase of their training.

Registrar Clinicians

GP Registrars are fully qualified clinicians who are in the process of undertaking specialist training in general practice.

F2 Clinicians

Foundation Year 2 (F2) clinicians have been qualified for a minimum of 12 months and are completing their foundation year training; part of which means they spend four months in a general practice setting. They are supervised by the GPs at Gresleydale.


We also occasionally have students here for a six-week placement. These are young people training to become clinicians. You will normally be informed if there is a student sitting in with the clinician you wish to see and asked if you are prepared to have the student in your consultation.

Video Consultations

As part of their training both the registrars and students have to do video consultations. You will always be asked if you are happy for this to happen and then given an information leaflet and consent form. A recording will not be undertaken without a patient’s consent and intimate or physical examinations will not be recorded. The camera will be switched off on request. You have every right to say no if you feel uncomfortable with this and it will not affect the care we provide for you in any way.